Automate Data Quality with Informatica IDQ

Managing your Data Quality

This means that we can weigh the quality of data to any extent irrespective of the available data being good or bad. This Data Quality report can be captured with the complete data details, at record level or even at the attribute level. Using this report, business can identify the quality of data and make out how it can be used to help / benefit the customer. A plan can also be worked out to enhance the quality of data by applying business rules and correcting the required information based on the business needs.

Deriving Quality Data

We have tools in the market to generate these Data Quality reports based on the input data we provide with configuration of some business specifications. An important solution provider in the market for Data Quality report generation is Informatica IDQ which is formulated to generate profiling reports and Data Quality reports.

Informatica IDQ Scheduler Automation Process

Using the scheduling feature of Informatica IDQ, we can deploy the solution as a package in Informatica Console. We can also schedule the run time of the code for each day of the week based on our need in advance. The biggest advantage of this approach is that we can schedule the run time and the code also need not be triggered manually. Based on the daily schedule, the code is automatically triggered, and results are generated.

  • Execution
  • Results Monitoring

End to End Approach

It is an approach which covers all possible scenarios in a process and provides a valid solution for each business case occurrence during the execution. Using such an approach, the customer can get the Data Quality in an automated way thereby avoiding the overhead of having a large team to maintain these Data Quality programs. Because once the process is complete, the results are readily available to the customer in a file and the results are also captured in a table.


Using the IDQ Automation process, the customer holds complete control of the system by receiving high quality and reliable results. Also, the dependency on external resources for initiating the process and monitoring the process can be avoided, thereby saving time and money.



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