How to access Informatica PowerCenter as a Web Service

Web Services Overview:

Web Services are services available over the web that enables communication and provide a standard protocol for communication. To enable the communication, we need a medium (HTTP) and a format (XML/JSON).

Why Web Services

Web Services is used mainly for two reasons:

  • Two different applications can talk to each other and exchange data using web services

PowerCenter Web Hub and Web Services

InformaticaPowerCenter has the ability to expose its job (workflow) as a SOAP web service which can be utilized from external applications to access the data integration functionalities even outside Informatica PowerCenter.

Pre- Requisites:

  1. InformaticaPowerCenter Repository and Integration Service up and running
  2. InformaticaPowerCenter Web Service Provider Valid License
  3. Administrative privileges to create Web Service Hub

Step by Step Process

Web Service Hub Creation Steps:

Creating a WebService Provider Source and Target using Web Service Provider

Creating a Mapping

Creating a Session and Workflow


Service Name: Provide a service name which will be visible under RealTime WebService Hub.

Testing your service:


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