What’s new in Version 11.0?

The major enhancements offered in this version include Business User Workflow Dashboard, Products’ relationship view, ACM and Search Templates. Let us see what value add these enhancements offer.

  • This dashboard is bundled as an OOTB asset and once installed this can serve as the new home page for business users
  • The new workflow dashboard is designed to simplify the job of a typical business user, providing a complete graphical view of currently assigned entries and tasks with priorities.
  • It is an intuitive portal to quickly navigate to workflows, workflow steps, or entries and has the ability to easily launch entries in single or multi edit views so that users don’t spent time searching for their tasks and products to work upon
  • And guess what? This dashboard can be customized to suit business needs as well.
  • Full export of Attribute Dictionary attributes and catalog groups
  • Selective export for catalog entry with defining/descriptive attributes
  • Support for SAX XML Parser in data load and concurrent data load

What’s new in Version 11.3?

MDM CE v 11.3 was launched with a revamped GUI, a solution accelerator for clients from banking and insurance domain, free text search capability enabled by integration with IBM Watson and enhancements to ACM.

  • A data model based on IBM Information Framework implemented in IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server
  • Integration with IBM InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition that enables hierarchies and items to be published through transactions
  • Multiple stores including e-Site Store, Direct Store, Catalog Asset Store, multiple catalogs including Master Catalog and Sales Catalogs and support for multi-valued descriptive attributes.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) attributes for catalog entries and catalog groups
  • Attribute Groups for grouping attributes in the Attribute Dictionary
  • Additional facets for attributes in the Attribute Dictionary including Displayable, Comparable, Sequence and so on.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Customizable views for data entry screens
  • Static free text search bar available on all business screens.
  • Ability to search items and their attributes across all catalogs.
  • Detailed search results with descriptions and thumbnails.
  • Ability to open a result for single edit or select multiple results for bulk edits.

What’s new in Version 11.5?

There are two major areas of enhancement when it comes to version 11.5. They are Integration with Watson Explorer and Digital Asset Management, which are definitely an asset to the product.

  • Role-based security enforcement on search result sets so that only users entitled to view a certain group of items get to see them.
  • Selection filters for catalogs and attributes for export
  • Search result display can be configured now
  • Performance improvements to data exports

What’s new in Version 11.6?

The newest kid in the block, v 11.6 comes up with a brand new, refreshing alternate UI, the Supplier Persona UI, which might very well replace an already ageing classic UI. This new UI certainly deserves dedicated blog so we will cover it in detail in one of the upcoming blogs. Other major boost is the introduction of RESTful API support for the MDM CE application.

  • Rebranding it to your organizations needs by adding company name, logo and customizing the theme
  • Search results can be saved for future reference or exported as a report across the product
  • Accessibility features of Supplier Persona UI help users with physical disabilities, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use software products successfully.
  • Ability to work with single or bulk of items in catalog or in collaboration area in an efficient fashion
  • Use assistive technologies, such as screen-reader software and digital speech synthesizer, to hear what is displayed on the screen. Consult the product documentation of the assistive technology for details about using those technologies with this product.
  • Operate specific or equivalent features by using only the keyboard.
  • Magnify what is displayed on the screen.


Hope we have given you more than compelling reasons to upgrade to the latest IBM MDM Collaborative Edition to reap the benefits of the latest and greatest version, yet. To conclude, it is always better to opt for the latest and greatest version of the product to have a very satisfactory workspace.

About the author

Sruthi is a MDM Consultant at InfoTrellis and has good knowledge on IBM MDM CE framework. She has over 2 years of experience in technologies such as IBM Master Data Management Collaborative Edition and BPM.



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