The Data-Driven Ecosystem and Domain Ontologies

Data — Where is it?

The first need is to discover where all of the domain data for your enterprise actually exists. Some is self-evident such as your ERP, CRM, SFA and other internal sources. Some other sources such as social media (Instagram, Facebook, twitter, yelp, etc.) come to mind. However, there are also private sources such as, and that can be harvested as well as web site data from Google, Bing and others. Some of the website data such as transaction logs and http logs are lesser known but can be just as important to have on hand.

Have the data — Now what?

Just because you have collected as much data as you can about your organization does not mean it is necessarily ready for use. The old adage garbage in garbage out is certainly true here and can be magnified if you are letting the computer make decisions based on ontologies derived from this data.

What the heck is an Ontology?

Ontologies are a deep, almost existential, understanding of a domain. In the case of business this equates to having insights into very complex elements of a particular domain. This could include such domains as customers, products, manufacturing, supply chain, or any other domain that is key to an enterprise’s success.



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